About Us

Naz Kar 13 Performance Wheel & Tyre CC specialize in the wholesale & retail distribution of tyres & mag wheels at the best possible competitive prices directly to the consumer. Naz Kar 13 is a new concept in South Africa but has proven itself in the international markets already, by supplying the customer a cheaper price on their tyres making it much more affordable to the man on the street. We believe that online trading should be the next revolution in tyre & wheel distribution that would benefit you the consumer, by offering you unmatched customer service, reasonable prices & reliability in an industry where the customers time & money should be of prime importance.

Established in March 2007, Naz Kar 13 PWT had started off by doing small time distribution in the Johannesburg area. With cash strapped customers needing quality tyres, Naz Kar 13s owner decided that it was only fair to provide the lowest possible prices affordable to the general public. Thus far weve proven not to disappoint. Supplying customers from Johannesburg all the way to customers over the borders, in Zimbabwe, Namibia & Mozambique to name a few. Supplying not only cheap but good quality tyres on local & imported brands. Now just 1 of the major wholesale suppliers in South Africa.

With a simple way of ordering what you need from the convenience of your home or office, we are accessible by email or telephone Please ensure that you have read Naz Kar 13s Terms & conditions, Warranty/Returns as well as the Payment & Collection/Delivery information before processing an order. & placing an order you agree to our Terms & Conditions, Warranty & Payment information which may be found on this website. Should you have any comments, queries, complaints or suggestions please do feel free to e-mail us atnazkar13@gmail.com or call us on 081-337-0022. Please ensure that proof of payment is e-mailed to nazkar13@gmail.com or faxed to 086-564-3194 to ensure that your order is processed on time. Please also ensure that your order is verified to ensure its generated by the system on placement.